OpenLearn’s Open Education: Why?

The journey started a while back. I am in a training function (a learning and development organization, or L&D) in a software company. We have access to a wide range of technologies that we can apply to our learning programs, but because most people in the team join for their subject matter expertise and not because of their instructional skills, I have always wondered to what extent we were using the right technology for the right learning activities and goals.

I joined the Open University to study “Technnology-enhanced learning: practices and debates”, known by us OU students as H800. On completion of this postgraduate level course, you receive a postgraduate certificate in online and distance education, but interestingly, you can continue to study and pursue a postgraduate diploma (which I earned last week) and a masters. That’s where I am at the moment.

So my presence in this open section of H817, part of the work to earn my masters, explains various things: I enjoyed H800 so much, I had no doubt I wanted to continue. I believe technology will play a crucial role in the learning lanscape at all levels (school, college, corporate, lifelong) but I also believe the change will not be entirely driven by techies: I think there is much to say about how pedagogy interlinks with technology to offer the best experiences. And finally, I think that just as in the publishing industry content became almost free, learning content will follow the same path. I wrote about this very briefly in another blog, So H817, open education, was a very relevant topic to wrap up my masters study.


1 thought on “OpenLearn’s Open Education: Why?

  1. Martin Weller (@mweller)

    I’m glad it seemed relevant for you. As you point out there are similarities between education and publishing (or music, or films). What’s as interesting are the differences also, eg education isn’t just a content industry. Whether the similarities or the differences are stronger remains to be seen I guess.
    Anyway, glad to see your blog coming through


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